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Welcome to the world of TileOn!

Your mission is simple: Try to stay on the tile runway formed right in front of your eyes for as long as possible.

It sounds easy, but it is a task difficult to master! Your skills will be challenged by a variety of stages, including
* Jumps and Drops
* Limited Runway Visibility
* Big Bad annoying Cubes blocking your way
* Fuel Shortage with booster tiles
* Extremely narrow runways
* Constantly increasing speed
* + some surprises along the way

Three main modes and a bonus extra mode is included:
* Tutorial: crash course
* Slow: for easy riders
* Normal: if you like a challenge
* Choose your Stage: play any stage you want

In the Slow mode, you will encounter most of TileOn’s features while traveling at cruising speed.
Things get serious in the Normal mode, where stages are harder, turns are sharper, corridors are narrower and your ship moves a lot faster!

In the Choose Stage mode you can replay any specific level you liked for as long as you want. Be warned though, your ship will pick up speed over time!

Compete with your friends using HeyZap’s bleeding edge Leaderboard feature! Of course, achievements are also present in TileOn and you can earn them by playing all the game modes or reaching incredibly high scores, among other things.

Go on, show us what you can do!


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