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The 1.1.0 version of TileOn is now available for all Android and iOS users.

The update’s main goal was to improve the difficulty structure of the game. We felt that, although Normal was easy enough for new players, it was too slow and didn’t provide the thrill we originally intended.

So, to fix this, Advanced is now unlocked from the beginning and available as the new Normal, with the old one getting renamed to Slow. We also moved the tutorials to a separate section, allowing the players to skip them – or redo them – at will.

We also noticed that the initial setup of the first version was asking too much, so we got rid of it. To make control selection easier, we added a very simple animated selection screen, which should be straightforward for everyone.

Some levels have been tweaked to make more sense difficulty-wise and you will also notice that the ship is more forgiving now when you approach an edge.

Complete Changelog:

TileOn version 1.1.0

Features and improvements:
* Faster normal mode (old Advanced)
* Slow mode (old Normal)
* Removed locks from main modes
* Level Difficulty Adjustments
* Optional tutorial for new players
* Simple control selection screen with animation
* Option to hide the in-game UI
* Hidden "unlock all levels" cheat ;)
* Fixed a bug where an ad showed up mid-game
* Latest HeyZap version

Lowest Android version supported: 2.3.3
This should fix some random graphical glitches

Cheers :)

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