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Draw Your Message

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Ever wanted to send a drawing to a friend, only to find the whole thing too much of a hassle?

Meet Draw Your Message. An app that allows you to quickly and painlessly sketch up your thoughts and send them over instant messengers, post them in social media or upload them anywhere you want.

To use the app, you simply have to Choose a Photo in your favorite application and Draw Your Message will show up in the list alongside your Gallery.

Just select the app, work your magic and tap send to have your drawing returned to the original application.

You can also launch Draw Your Message yourself, create something and share it to any other Android application you want.

Draw Your Message features include:
– A simple way to draw
– Customizable Pen Color
– Customizable Background Color
– Customizable Pen width
– Eraser tool with customizable width
– Unlimited Undo / Redo
– Save your drawing anywhere you want
– Re-load your last drawing
– Insert any image you want and draw on-top of it

The following features are also planned for future versions:
– Advanced Image options – Move, Rotate, Resize
– S-Pen support
– Remover tool

The App is supported by Ads at the top of the screen.
There is an option in Settings to disable them if you want. Free :)

Impress your friends, start sending drawings now!

Don’t forget to tell them about this app ;)

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